How to Make Best Use of Lucky Patcher Android App

There is no such app other than Lucky Patcher is that can offer user actual power over the authorizations to the apps setup on user Android phone. The user can remove unnecessary marketing, alter the consents and generate backups of extra apps & a lot more. In order to enjoy all these features user do require a rooted appliance for accessing these features. At the time when the user unlocks Lucky Patcher Android App, he will notice a complete record of the entire apps setup on the Android device.

Users just need to click any of them to view the accessible alternatives & also analysis the app’s detail or uninstall it, remove extra data, & access further particular gizmos. Amongst these particular gizmos, User can discover appealing aspects that allow a user such as disable advertisements & yet run the app in situations in which user generally couldn’t. The user can still generate an APK customized as per their first choice. Lucky Patcher lets a user get control of the apps setup on his Android phone. Like with approximately every app that provides extra power to the user, a rooted gadget is necessary to admittance every feature.

So, now take a look at how a user can make most of Lucky Patcher No Root Android App.

Use Lucky Patcher Android App to Remove Ads License:

Lucky Patcher Android App

  • Start with Clicking on app drawer& after that lunch lucky patcher, it is suggested to place it on a home screen of your Android phone as the user will make use of it very frequently.
  • In the next step, click on that particular app from which user is interest in removing ads Permissions.
  • After that user will require clicking on unlock the list of options of the patches, next eliminate license authorization & then auto approaches after that lastly click on apply button.

Use Lucky Patcher Android App to Remove Ads:

  • Begin with First download the Lucky Patcher Apk Android App which has been prearranged.
  • At the time when download gets compete after that install it on your Android phone. After that app will show all the applications by describing their Type.
  • After this user will require ticking on unwrap list of options of the patches after that get rid of Google ads & then patch to eliminate Google ads & next at last click on Apply button to save the changes made by you.

Steps to Use Lucky Patcher Android App on Non-Rooted Devices

  1. First download Lucky Patcher Android App latest version
  2. Next, Go to Settings of Security & switch on Unknown Resources.
  3. Now place the downloaded app through whichever file explorer that User has. If User doesn’t have a file explorer then he can download ES File Explorer which is easily accessible on the Google Play Store.
  4. Next, hit off the application for installing the app. Time for installation of the app will rely on the patterns of the device user use.
  5. Now, place an application on app drawer & click on it.
  6. After that User will have Lucky Patcher running on his Android Device.
  7. For the first time of opening of the Lucky Patcher iOS app, it will ask for Root permission, simply tap on it to accept it.

So, this is all that we have for all of you for today. Keep reading more interesting topics of us just like this one.

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Download Lucky Patcher for Windows PC and Mac

Lucky Patcher for Windows PC: The Google Play Store prompts a list of permissions  when installing any app,  which the user has to accept by default so as to download the desired app. Lucky Patcher is a wonderful app designed to scan all the apps installed on your Android device to allow the user to modify the permissions granted at the time of installation. The app has the capability to carry out actions such as removing license verifications, ads and also, modifying APKs and creating back ups for apps and games.

Lucky Patcher is a popular app amongst Android users. Also, some users have tried using it on Windows PC successfully and have gven a good review. The developers have not released a PC version of Lucky Patcher officially till now but, the app can be installed and run using an emulator app which will make the Windows PC free of unwanted data.This post discusses about how Lucky Patcher can be used on a Windows PC.

Features Of Lucky Patcher for Windows PC:

Lucky Patcher is a famous cracking app for Android users, which allows the users to make modifications and patches in various apps according to their own needs like removing ads while watching movies or videos. Lucky Patcher for Windows

Given below is a list of features that Lucky Patcher offers.

  • It can remove license verifications which are required for using premium apps.
  • It can eliminate Google Ads.
  • It can restrict or customize app permissions and activities.
  • It can modify an app according to the user’s needs.
  • It can backup apps to secure app data for later use.
  • It is possible to patch an app while booting.
  • It uses a color coding technique on the title of the app which makes it easier for the user to understand various tasks that can be performed on an app.

How to Install Lucky Patcher on PC:

Lucky Patcher for Windows

Lucky Patcher comes handy when the user wants his device to work free from cache and unwanted data. Luckly, Lucky Patcher is now available for PC use, but, it requires an emulator app such as Bluestacks Emulator, since Lucky Patcher Apk is meant to work on Android devices.

Following are the steps for downloading Lucky Patcher on a PC.

  • First of all, Bluestacks emulator is downloaded from
  • The size of the emulator file is very large, so it should be made sure that the complete file is being downloaded.
  • Now, the emulator is launched and the keyword “Lucky Patcher” is entered in the search bar.
  • It should be noted that Google Store should be selected for downloading the Lucky Patcher.
  • The “Install” button is clicked and “Agree” on the conditions box is selected.
  • The app is automatically installed on the Windows PC after the installation process is completed.
  • The app icon is visible on the apps menu of the emulator for future use.

Lucky Patcher is not ready to be used on PC. It is to be kept in mind to launch Bluestacks emulator each time Lucky Patcher is to be used.


The Lucky Patcher App works equally efficiently on a Windows PC as on an Android device. It provides the entire range of features that even might remain hidden while using the app on Android. It has a comfortable UI  on the Windows PC as well, which makes it convenient to use.

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Why Bloons 5 is the best tower defence game ever?

Gaming has become an integral part of the new age society and for all millennials. Be it boys or girls, everybody likes playing games and keeping themselves entertained with their help. tower defence game industry has also risen to the challenge and nowadays high quality gaming titles are the new normal in the virtual world. These games can be of many genres, such as racing, strategy or adventure.

Best Tower Defence Game:

Today, we are going to talk about one such strategy game which has taken the world by storm and has fans all over the world due to its excellent game play and graphics. This game is the very popular bloons tower defence game.

tower defence game

Bloons tower defence was developed by Ninja Kiwi in the year 2007. At first, it was launched as a browser game, meaning people can play it via their browsers. The game was developed on the adobe flash platform and immediately became very popular due to its brilliant strategy tactics and smooth game play. From then on, the game has become very popular among gamers all over the world and new versions of it have been launched in quick succession by the developers. Bloons Tower Defence 5 was launched on android operating system earlier this year and can be downloaded from the Google play store.

tower defence game


Bloons Tower Defence 5 is a strategy game aimed at players who like the tower defence strategy genre. Some basic features of Bloons TD 5 are listed below:

  • When playing, the player has to defend their tower from incoming bloons, which come in waves. Every upcoming wave becomes stronger as the game proceeds and this makes it quite challenging for users to save their towers.
  • Players are provided with options of building cool and colourful towers loaded with ultimate defence weapons.
  • There is also an option for multiplayer gaming, through which 2 players can co-operate in saving their tower from the incoming bloons.
  • 3 different game modes accompanied with various difficulty settings so that gamers of any age can play the game and enjoy.

tower defence game

Installing Bloons TD5:

Bloons TD 5 is launched on android and is a paid app, which means you have to buy it from the Google Play Store. To buy and install Bloons TD5 apk, just follow these simple steps given below:

  • Open Google play store and search for bloons TD5.
  • Once you have located the file, click the buy button to initiate payment and installation.
  • After payment has been done and verified, the game will start installing on your smartphone.
  • Once the game has been installed, head over to your phone’s menu and launch the game from there. Now you can start playing Bloons tD5.

tower defence game

Since the day it was launched, Bloons TD5 has been giving other strategy and tower defence games a run for their money. Its successful new releases speak for themselves in implying how popular the game has become. So if you are a strategy gaming fan, you cannot afford to miss out on Bloons Tower Defence 5, the best tower defence game ever.

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Why Scribblenauts Is The Best Puzzle Game Ever?

Puzzle Game – Smartphone gaming has evolved from what it was in its inception. Earlier, mobile gaming was usually considered just for passing time and for casual entertainment. Games such as snake and bounce were only played by users in the event of free time or as a tool to tackle boredom. But nowadays, smartphones have totally changed the landscape of mobile gaming as we have known it.

Best Puzzle Game:

Better architecture along with great graphic capabilities has transformed boring and casual mobile games into addictive and visually rich adventures.

puzzle game

Puzzle gaming is not new to mobile games at all. Puzzle game have been developed for smartphones since its advent and there are thousands of puzzle games users can enjoy on their android devices. But these games often consist of levels and storylines which become boring or unplayable after a certain time and the only thing you get in your mind is to uninstall them without any regrets. Fortunately, Scribblenauts Unlimited is about to change this perception of puzzle games and take users for a spin with its addictive game play, rich graphics and a variety in strategy and logical thinking never before seen in the realm of mobile puzzle games.

puzzle game

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a modern puzzle themed adventure game designed by Warner Bros. International Enterprise, one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. The game has been designed by developers employing exceptional graphics and an intriguing storyline which enable users to develop their own strategy and solve puzzles along the way. The user plays the character of Maxwell, revived from the earlier Scribblenauts game and fairly popular among previous users worldwide. Scribblenauts Unlimited has many stand out features which make it exceptionally adventurous and logical at the same time. Some great features of Scribblenauts Unlimited are:

  • Open world game play with unlimited levels which can be chose according to the user.
  • Object library to store summoned objects which can be accessed anytime in the game.
  • New exclusive characters bound to entertain such as robo-einstein and corporate werewolf.

puzzle game

Installing Scribblenauts Unlimited on your android device

Scribblenauts Unlimited can be downloaded very easily on your android smartphone to play. The game requires approximately 600 mb of space to be installed. Also, Scribblenauts Unlimited apk is a paid application therefore you have to shell out a small amount of money to buy and install the game. To install Scribblenauts Unlimited on your android smartphone follow these simple steps:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for Scribblenauts Unlimited in the search bar.
  • Once you have located the file, press the buy button to initiate payment and transaction.
  • Once payment has been successfully completed the game will begin downloading and will be installed on your smartphone.
  • After installation is completed, head over to the app menu and launch Scribblenauts Unlimited from there to start playing.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a great game to enjoy for users of any age or interest level. The game totally redefines the way we solve puzzles and makes use of our own imagination to solve and work upon complex puzzling situations and scenarios. So make sure you install Scribblenauts Unlimited and start working out your brain on endless hours of adventure.

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What is Lucky Patcher App? Everything You Need To Know

What is Lucky Patcher? Practices like hacking, piracy and cracking applications have come as a part and parcel of advancement in technology. Cracking of applications is a widespread problem, especially in Android devices and most of the methods used to put brakes on such high levels of piracy have simply resulted in futile efforts. This article discusses about a similar tool called the Lucky Patcher App. While Lucky Patcher Apk is not exactly used to crack applications but it is loaded with features that are used to manipulate the applications in such a way that it becomes much more useful to the user besides being illegal.

Lucky Patcher App

What does Lucky Patcher App do?

When you download the Lucky Patcher Apk Download on your device, it will make an analysis of all the applications that are installed on your device and then prompt the actions that can be carried out accordingly. These will include:

  • Remove the license verification: license verification is available in a number of applications and it is used to download them from Google Play Store so these can work.
  • Its can be used to make modifications in the associated permissions granted in the application.
  • It can be used to unlock the paid applications so that they can be installed on other devices as well, which is not possible otherwise.
  • used to extract the apk files of the applications so their backups can be taken.
  • It can be used to remove Google ads, which is an illicit action otherwise.

What are the prerequisites for using Lucky Patcher?

There is no list of requirements to be fulfilled before you install Lucky Patcher on your device. The only requirement to be able to use it is to have a rooted device. And rooting a device is an easy task and does not require a special skill. You can simply use tools such as Towel Root or King Root for the purpose of rooting your device.

Once Lucky Patcher is install on the device and is run, the first action that takes place is that you will get the list of application that are install in your device. Alongside each application, an action is mentione that can be performe with them. Apart from this, a color code is also mentioned on the title; this indicates the compatibility of the tool in performing the operations. For instance,

  • Green: This means that the app can be registere and disconnect from Google Play.
  • Yellow: Has a particular patch available
  • Blue: Includes Google Ads
  • Purple: A system startup app
  • Orange: A system app
  • Red: Cannot be modifie

There is much more to Lucky Patcher App than just this; it offers a lot of information about every application which can be highly useful for the users. The tool can also help you know whether the application is original or it has been modifie, an important thing to know before you download any application.

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