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Lucky Patcher is a decent app that lets you removing license verification’s, app backup, cracking in-app purchase, etc. without rooting your Android device. However, you can root your device to get more features of Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher app enables you to hack your favorite game like Clash of Clans, Temple Run and much more. Moreover, you will able to download some premium apps on your iOS devices easily.

You can use this app on your iOS devices without jailbreaking your devices though it works for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak devices. So, for knowing more about Lucky Patcher Apk and downloading steps, please keep reading this post ahead.

Download Lucky Patcher for iOS:

Lucky Patcher for iOS

Although lucky Patcher is an android tool, it is can easily use in various platforms, so, today I am going to discuss lucky Patcher app for iOS device. Here, the below paragraph are some of the important points about lucky Patcher app for iOS.

Lucky Patcher was originally design for android platform but now it can be use in various platforms. As we know it is one of the great and best android tools that help you to remove ads, restore app and many more.

Lucky Patcher iOS also influences the demand for other platforms like IOS and PC. But to use this app it is very important to know that you must root or jailbreak your device because the app doesn’t work in un-root device.

How to Download and install Lucky Patcher App:

Actually lucky Patcher is officially not available in app store which mean you cannot download and install directly the app on your Lucky Patcher for iOS device. But by downloading iPadian you can easily install lucky Patcher on your iOS device. This is also one of the best ways to install the app without Jailbreaking.

Here are the steps to install lucky Patcher app:

  • To install lucky Patcher on your IOS device, first you need to have iPadian, which will let you install lucky Patcher easily.
  • Now, using iPadian search for the lucky patcher app
  • As soon as the search is completed you will see the app on your home screen, now
  • what you need to do is to verify the ask permission.
  • After the verification is done, start installing the lucky Patcher app on to your iOS device
  • Once the installation is completed you will see an icon appearing on your home screen.
  • Just tap on the icon and finally, you can access all the facilities of the app on your iOS device easily.

Features of Lucky Patcher App:

Lucky Patcher is one of the incredible Apps for both android phones and iOS Platform. And it also has many fantastic features and facilities. The below given points are some of the important features of this App.

  • Lucky Patcher removes some of the ads from installed app perfectly.
  • The app allows you to use purchase apps for free and it is very suitable to every app.
  • This app checks over a new installed app and eradicates license verification perfectly.
  • The app also allows you to download custom patch easily which doesn’t need updating.
  • Your are allow to remove the Google ads directly
  • Another useful advantage for this application is backup and recovery. As it is one of the main essential factors for the users.
  • Using custom patch you can make any app into pro version
  • The app offers its users a facility to create extra permission for other app.
    How does Lucky Patcher for iOS work or use?

As I have said Lucky Patcher remove some of the issue on your Smartphone perfectly, so, from that point it is clear that lucky Patcher is very important app for Smartphone. First of all to use the app first you need to install the app on your device. Lucky Patcher work strongly and remove some ads from the installed apps, it also remove license verification easily. One of the interesting things about this app is that you can use even without rooting device.


Well, these are the steps to install Lucky Patcher for iOS and as I have discussed already in the above briefly regarding the features and what is lucky Patcher exactly. So, I hope you can now easily use this app on your iOS device without any problem. Hence, if you have any doubts do leave a comment in the bellow comments box.


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Lucky Patcher APK Download for Android Latest Version

Smartphone applications are loaded at the android and iOS market in tons because of which you usually gets confused that which one to install and what is not suitable for your purposes? However, there is an interesting application known as Lucky patcher Apk which is going to give you the real control upon the permissions which usually different applications ask for while installing on your android OS.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk for Android:

Lucky Patcher Apk

Moreover, you can delete the extra advertising and alter permissions by creating the backups of other applications on your device. But before you proceed and take the advantage of the application called lucky patcher you are supposed to root your device.

How to Access Lucky Patcher?

  • First of all, when you will initially open the main page of the application, you will find an elaborate list of all the applications that are installed on your device.
  • Now, one by one tap on each of them and look for the available options
  • Visualize the applications’ information, uninstall them and delete the unwanted additional data from the phone and only access their special tools.
  • Infact, you can also deactivate the series of irritating applications from the list
  • An APK can be created in a modified version as per the user preferences

What do you understand by the term lucky patcher?

A huge list of hacking, cracking and restricting applications are being developed in the market as per the requirement or demand created by the smart phone users. The practice of using such android applications is elevating high and that’s the reason a new application with the size of 6.02 MB available for free of cost at the Google Play Store called lucky patcher Apk.

The reason behind creating this application by the developer is to control the unwanted advertisements as well as permissions which an application asks from the user in order to allow access to all its features. This is quite risky at times because by giving permission to an application for your device and your personal information, you are allowing the developer to view all of them and they may misuse.

However, lucky patcher is a type of tool that is not actually designed for cracking other application, but to manipulate apps and restrict their illegalities. This application is going to allow you to perform different operations whenever you are stuck in specific situation like-

  • It will analyze the list of installed apps
  • Remove the license verification that is integrated on many applications
  • It will modify the linked permissions
  • It can extract the APK files for backups
  • Could remove advertisements on Google and able to unlock the paid applications

Requirement for downloading the lucky patcher:

If you are interested in downloading the Lucky patcher Apk application on your device, then it is obvious to root your device. Now the question is, that how to root device? So friends, this is a simple process which you can execute on your own by following the applications called TowelRoot or else KingRoot.

  • Once you are done with the lucky patcher installation after the successful rooting process, then you will instantly find the list of applications which are already running on your device and there is will be a panel of actions given alongside. Moreover, there are some color c odes given with title that are meant for the indication of compatibility purposes and what sort of operations can be performed-
  • Purple- a system startup application
  • Orange- a system app
  • Blue- integrates Google Ads
  • Green- can be registered as well as disconnected from Google play
  • Red- cannot be modified

Therefore, some operations mention upon the application page is illegal. So, the association of this application with the Google play store may create complications to install it from any other external sources. Which eventually will force you to go under the platform of an official android store and this may not be the way you want to proceed.

Thus, by the method of extraction for applications and deleting their permissions, user can make applications operate on devices which are on the surface i.e. incompatible or transfer applications amonegst smart phones or tablets which are official not compatible with either of the platforms.

Although, the application is able to provide a comprehensive detail about the application you have given permission to access your device, it actually helps you in preventing the advertisements as well as the illegal permissions. Download Lucky Patcher Apk application may looks like another must have application, but remember you have to root your device, which may violate your phone warranty forever. The same jailbreak process is required in the iPhone in order to access several paid application for free of cost. And in an iPhone, once you have gone through the jailbreak process, then you cannot claim for the warranty from its official service center.

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Lucky Patcher No Root APK Download for Android [Latest Version]

Lucky Patcher is a brand new application that can help you to remove ads that pop up while you are using other applications, modify the apps permissions, backup and restore apps, bypass premium applications license verification and much more.

Lucky Patcher No Root Apk Download for Android Phone:

Lucky Patcher No Root

Here in this article, I’ll give you all the basic information of Lucky Patcher, which may clear all your doubts & confusion regarding the app & also show you the guide to download Lucky Patcher Apk in Android device without rooting.

About Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an app for Android devices. This app removes ads from the apps. Also, there are some more features in this app like, this app not only removes ads from the apps but also removes the license verification of pro apps as well.

The app can also be used for modifying app permissions. Backing up data & apps installed from the Google Play store is yet another cool feature about this app. Besides these features, the Lucky Patcher Apk has some more great features to look upon.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

  • Sometimes, while running an app on our device, some ads pop up automatically, which is irritating, so what this Lucky Patcher does is that the app mainly removes ads from apps & games.
  • Google Play Store has got some items which they don’t offer for free. Some items like apps, games, filters, etc. are sold for a fixed amount respectively. So, what happens is that these have got its own license, which if used in an unofficial way, can be immediately detected by Google.

So this Lucky Patcher besides removing ads from games & apps also removes the license verification of pro apps, which helps in installing any app without purchasing anything from the Google Play Store.

  • Some apps need special permission to run or install in the device(s). The Lucky Patcher app also modifies these app permissions.
  • The app is also a very good backup tool, which also solves the compatible error of the play store by applying custom patches. Lucky Patcher can also transform some few apps into a pro.
  • The Lucky Patcher app is also very helpful regarding some apps which lag while being run. It freezes the application that misbehaves or legs while running.
  • There are many apps that require patches in order to run & some patches are not for free in the Google Play store. So, the Lucky Patcher app can also download custom patch without updating the application.
  • Unstable apps? Not a problem. The Lucky Patcher app also helps in customizing the unstable app(s) of your choice.
  • The app uses different color schemes for the easy identification of the state of apps.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download For Android No Root Guide:

Lucky Patcher No Root can also be use without having the device root. It’s very easy. Just follow the instructions below,

  • The first step is to download the apk from the internet. For this, you need to run any of the browser application installed on your handset. Then search for Lucky Patcher Apk file on the web, which you need to download on your device (I suggest you go for the latest version).
  • While the download is in the process, you can minimize the app by pressing the home button of your device & go to the Settings, then Security & lastly General. Then tap on the unknown sources. Otherwise, the device won’t allow any other apk downloaded from another website rather than Google Play store.
  • Double tap on the first pop-up that appears on the screen. There, you will find the “Install” button. Click on it to install the app.
  • After that, another page will appear on the screen that will feature the terms & conditions of the app. Agree to that.
  • Wait for some time (a minute hardly), & Lucky Patcher will be installed in the device.


So, as you see, this app is undoubtedly filled with so many great features. This is definitely of a great use to our smartphones. However, there are some problems with installing it in the phones (rooted). There’s a chance of a security breach in your handset, causing bugs etc. in your system, which may further lead to damaging the phone.

Another problem is with both the root or unroot versions of lucky patcher. It eases the gameplay & other features of the apps, which if looked is great but also affects the main motive behind the app.

Thirdly, there are issues of manufacturing companies as well, in the case of rooted devices. The companies don’t offer their services anymore if the device is root. The warranty that the manufacturing companies provide expires as soon as the device is root.

So, the Lucky Patcher app is of great use. It is a very efficient tool when it comes to hack in the apps to remove ads. Also, a very useful tool to avoid in-app purchase(s), without having Google Play store know about it. Basically a hacking app. There are two kinds of this Lucky Patcher No Root. One is for roote devices, which has more features. The another one is for unroot devices, which has fewer features but does works without any issues.

The efficiency of the tool is adequate. It does serve the purpose of it being use, though it has many risks involved at the same time. Now the question left is, are you willing to use it? You decide.

I hope the article could help you with your queries. Thanks for being here.

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Lucky Patcher For Back Up – Steps To Install Lucky Patcher

When an Android user downloads apps using Play Store, a list of permissions pops up which the user cannot deny. Install Lucky Patcher is a wonderful app designed to analyze all the apps installed on your Android device to allow the user to modify the permissions granted at the time of installation. It is possible to carry out actions such as removing ads, license verifications and also, modifying APKs and creating back ups for apps and games. Here is a step-by-step description of how to back-up apps using Lucky Patcher.

Backup Feature For Lucky Patcher:

It creates a clone for your app data and keep all your information safe. It can crack both Android and iOS apps. The back-up feature comes for free when the APK for Lucky Patcher iOS is downloaded.

Steps To Install Lucky Patcher:

Install Lucky Patcher

  • It is easy to download file or APK for the latest version of the Lucky Patcher from its official website.
  • Clicking the file will start the installation process.
  • To run Lucky Patcher on your device, click on the logo.

Once the installation is complete, several tasks and actions can be performed on various apps. Since many apps require, it is necessary to learn how to back up apps using Lucky Patcher Apk.

How To Backup Using LuckyPatcher?

  • When Lucky Patcher s run for the first time, a list of applications can be seen which can be selected to perform various tasks. For taking backup of an app, the option is to be selected.
  • The data for the selected app is cloned as per the user’s need.
  • A “clone app” feature is visible in the selected app. When selected, the app begins to create a new cloned APK file for the app.
  • The process can take a few minutes to complete. Once done, your app data is successfully backed up.
  • The clone is stored on the device for future use.

Taking back up is a smooth process when working with an app such as Lucky Patcher, but there are some simple instructions to be kept in mind.

What To Know Before Backing Up Using Lucky Patcher?

Backing up apps and games should be done with precautions. It is important to carry out all the modifications and patches before creating a clone. The back up would become useless without using Install Lucky Patcher hacks initially. Lucky Patcher closes the app after any modification which is required for the changes to apply. It may also ask to restart the device to make the changes persist.


Lucky Patcher is a very handy app that saves your data by cloning it so that you don’t lose it. It is a favorite amongst hackers. Once back up and storing data are done with Lucky Patcher, there is no need to use other hacks or in-app purchases for the same on your device. Lucky Patcher provides a composite package to cater all your needs.

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Lucky Patcher Alternatives – Similar Apps Like Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Alternatives: Lucky Patcher is one of the most explosive game hackers that is available for the Android platforms. There is no doubt that this app has many features such as deleting unwanted apps, modify apps and much more. However, for using Lucky Patcher app, you must root your device first of all. Lucky Patcher is only supported on the rooted device. You can download the app on the non-rooted device, but for using all the features of Lucky Patcher app on your device, you will need to root access your device.

In this post, I will give you a few Lucky Patcher alternatives that function almost similar with Lucky Patcher Apk. You can use these few Lucky Patcher alternatives that I am going to mention in this post if in case you fail to download Lucky Patcher on your device.

Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives:

Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Some of the best Lucky Patcher alternatives are Freedom apk, Creehack app, IAP cracker, etc. So, let’s discuss the alternatives of Lucky Patcher in a little detail way.

1.Freedom Apk:

Freedom Apk is one of the best game hacking tools that can be best alternatives to Lucky Patcher. This is the best tool that helps you to modify your game by availing some free gold, elixir, coins, etc. So, you don’t need to spend much of your money buying all these resources for your gameplay. This app is specially launched for the gamers who always spend much money for buying resources. The Freedom Apk has many more features like controlling the tweaks and functions of different applications on your mobile. So, this app gives you all the features in a packed form which you can only enjoy after rooting your device.

2.CreeHack App:

This is one of the best Lucky Patcher alternatives that work smoothly in modifying your gameplay by providing free resources like gems, gold, coins, etc. You can easily hack any of the resources of the game freely using the Creehack app. So, gamers will definitely like the features of this app as it is flexible to use and functions almost like Lucky Patcher app. You can use the Creehack app on your device without rooting your device and get unlimited free resources. So, download this app and enjoy the free service on your Android Smartphone now.

3.IAP Cracker:

This app is for iPhone, and you can use this app on your iOS devices without jailbreaking your iPhone. The app enables you to enjoy all the features of paid apps on free which are similar with that of Lucky Patcher. So, IAP Cracker can also be one of the best alternatives of Lucky Patcher app that you can use on you Lucky Patcher iOS devices. You are free to hack any of your favorite game on iPhone using this awesome app. This way you can keep yourself ahead in your favorite gameplay, as you don’t need to complete any level to gems, gold, elixir, etc. IAP is the best tool to let you progress in your favorite gameplay and let you modify some of the apps as well.

4.LeoPlay Card:

LeoPlay Card is one of the best alternatives of Lucky Patcher app that works similarly as Creehack and Freedom Apk. You can easily work LeoPlay Card with an app like Pinball HD, Idiot, etc. and can be used even for Google Play. For using LeoPlay Card, you don’t need to root access your device and bypassing App funds is absolutely easy. Using this handy tool you can easily hack the resources of your favorite games as well.


The AppSara is one of the best Lucky Patcher alternatives that you can use on your device. For using AppSara, you don’t need to root access your device. However, only a few apps and games are supported for modification. This app also functions almost similar as of the apps mentioned above and can uninstall some of the unwanted apps. You just need to download and install this app to start using.


The above mentioned are some of the best Lucky Patcher alternatives that you can use on your devices. From the mentioned three alternatives one can be support on the non-root device, and you can use it if you don’t want to root your device. So, enjoy all the premium features of the rooted device now with the best Lucky Patcher alternatives.

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